The Best Investing Podcasts to Help You Build Your Portfolio

It’s an affordable and convenient way to gain information without paying a professional such as a wealth manager or financial adviser. You can listen on the go and tune in at your convenience, and even go back and re-listen to especially informative episodes. Anderson total money makeover worksheets Advisors also offers longer webinars and seminars dedicated toward wealth building. They have a team of very competent, experienced tax professionals and financial advisors who can help you weigh your options for any given business or investing situation .

This show can teach you about saving, investing and risk management in a fun and functional way. So, if you enjoy chatty, laid back money talk with lots of humor, this investing podcast is for you. However, this podcast might not be your cup of tea if you’re looking for stricter, more fast-paced financial insight. You’ll hear from top financial experts and stay up to date on the market. If you’re not afraid to dip your toes into some advanced topics, give this podcast by Patrick O’Shaughnessy a try. It is jam packed with interviews and ideas from super intelligent people all across the financial industry.

What is the safest investment with highest return?

High-quality bonds and fixed indexed annuities are often considered the safest investments with the highest returns. However, there are many different types of bond funds and annuities, each with risks and rewards. For example, government bonds are generally more stable than corporate bonds based on past performance.

Jim’s goal with the show is to make the confusing world of Wall Street, well, less confusing. He breaks down the biggest stories, investment language, and more, making it easy for listeners to follow. This show is definitely a great place for beginners to start their investment journey. Whether you’re just starting to dip your toe into the world of investing or you’re a seasoned expert, sometimes the stock market can get a little confusing. There’s constantly new information and updates being thrown at us because things are always changing and shifting. The Invest Like the Best Podcast isn’t so much a conversational show as a tutorial in investing, led by instructors who have achieved real-world success in the market.

Canalyst is the leading destination for public company data and analysis. If you’re a professional equity investor and haven’t talked to Canalyst recently, you should give them a shout. Mitch is a partner at Benchmark and one of the leading figures in the video game industry. Over the last 30 years, he has built, led, and invested in a number of the best gaming companies in the world, including Activision, EA, Riot, Snapchat, and Discord.

Best Investing Podcast for Diversity: FML Fund My Life Podcast by MyWallSt

The threats to national and global economies are derived from the valuation of major stocks and social crises. “The Real Risk in 2022” is a discussion with Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Kiyosaki, and Jim Rickards into the outlook of 2022 global economics. The episode discusses economic hikes, inflation, the housing market, and the consumer economy.

Regardless of your financial situation today, you’ll have a road map to get to where you want to be. Recent podcast topics have included How to Get Started in Multifamily Investing, the Wholesaling Fix and Flip Formula, and How Underwriters Evaluate Loans to LLCs or Land Trusts. Whether you’re interested in real estate, the stock market, crypto, or just paying less taxes, this is an entertaining and informative podcast that will teach you a lot. Stock market trading requires regular information about financial and business news, and not having a regular podcast with a reliable schedule will drive the audience away. The Captain FI podcast is all about the journey towards financial independence, interviewing a mixture of finance and investing experts as well as people who have achieved FIRE. An award-winning weekly financial education show where investors at all stages of life learn how to «make more money with less risk and more peace of mind».

There’s a taboo in our culture surrounding money and the discussion of finances, but in her Audible Original Podcast Awkward Conversations About Money, writer Alexandre Holder is on a mission to change that. Once you feel free to talk about money, you’ll be well on your way to financial freedom. The premise of the podcast revolves around a particular notion the host is touting.

NPR releases an episode of Planet Money twice a week, although new episodes are sometimes interspersed with classic episodes from the vault. Twice a week, this podcast will dissect a lesser-known public company, showcasing some high-level due diligence as they break down an S1 or 10k, financials, leadership team, and market opportunity. The level of detail and quality of analysis is second to none and I’ve found the podcast to be a great accompaniment for when I conduct my own research. Some of its recent deep-dives include Trade Desk, Skechers, and Alphabet.

If you like a little variety in your learning, this is a great podcast because it varies from being a real estate investing podcast to a stock market podcast to a tax strategy podcast. The overarching theme is just financial independence and personal growth, just like Kiyosaki’s many books. The Colossus podcast covers cryptocurrencies, business news, public equity, investment banking, and stock market trends. This is an interview-based podcast that features CEOs, directors, fund managers, high-frequency traders, and portfolio managers as guest speakers. If you’re looking to get business and stocks insight from industry professionals, check out Colossus. Each week, Faber welcomes some of the world’s top investment professionals to be his guests.

ETF Edge PodcastEach week, CNBC’s Stocks Editor Bob Pisani is joined by top market participants offering educational and actionable advice to help you build your best portfolio. Market commentary and weekly interviews with the brightest minds in the world of finance and macroeconomics. A podcast that shows it’s possible for anyone to achieve their goals at any life stage, whether financial or otherwise, by following some pretty basic rules. The 8 Top Fintech Podcasts of 2022 Lots of us here are big podcast fans, and learning more about the exciting sector, fintech , through the top podcasts helps focus the… All of this great and inspiring positivity is encapsulated in the “debt free scream”.

Trading Stocks Made Easy with Tyrone Jackson

Some of the top stocks podcasts are Motley Fool Money, BiggerPockets Money Show, and The Rich Dad Radio Show. However, the best stocks podcast will vary, depending on your finance background and interests. Another crucial element for a great podcast is to regularly invite industry experts on as guests. The guest list for investing podcasts might include CEOs, entrepreneurs, financial brokers, investment bankers, stock traders, and investment analysts. In this article, we will list the best stocks podcast episodes, alongside the key factors that make a great stocks podcast and descriptions of the top 10 best podcasts for stocks.

In addition, they access to some of the biggest and brightest minds in the investing world for free. The final show on our list of the best stock market podcasts is Animal Spirits. The goal of the show is to break down what the two of them are reading, writing, listening to, and watching.

Halftime Report PodcastCNBC’s Scott Wapner and the Street’s top investors get to the heart of the action as it’s happening and help set the agenda for the rest of the day. The News with Shepard Smith PodcastThe News with Shepard Smith is CNBC’s daily news podcast providing deep, non-partisan coverage and perspective on the day’s most important stories. Closing Bell PodcastSara Eisen and Scott Wapner guide listeners through each trading session and bring to you some of the biggest names in business. Power Lunch Podcast CNBC’s Tyler Mathisen, Melissa Lee and Kelly Evans bring you the latest developments and instant analysis on the stocks and stories driving the day’s agenda.

All Things Markets | Mint

I’d recommend listening through the archives of these for valuable investing and financial insights. Masters in Business is a podcast from Bloomberg featuring financial thinker and writer Barry Ritholtz. He gets a lot of big names to join him on the show, and there are many deep dives into timely and important business topics. The Investing for Beginners Podcast is also excellent for new investors, though seasoned ones can benefit from it, too. Catch up with the MyWallSt investing team as they discuss some of their favorite companies and market-beating approaches to long-term investing. MyWallSt is an award-winning fintech company that makes it easy for you to start investing in the U.S. stock market.

If you’re looking for a negative, it could be said that those with differing political views than Galloway could find themselves frustrated at his frequent tangents about social and political policy. Get past that and you’ve got yourself a very interesting outlook on investing and the markets. In this FREE event you’ll discover how the top 1% use little-known “compounders” to grow & protect their reserves. Our Infinity team of experts show you how to be the best possible steward of your finances and how to make your money and investments work for you instead of you working for them.

Together, they make understanding the evolving and complex world of macroeconomics attainable for all of its listeners. This podcast offers a video component via YouTube if you prefer to watch the episodes. Similarly, there is a companion, audio-only podcast for those interested in that format. It’s simple enough for beginners to follow but also provides key pieces of advice for more advanced investors. Hosted by Aaron Fifield, Chat With Traders follows a similar format to Invest Like the Best where Aaron sits down with, as the podcast claims, trading’s elite performers.

Where should I invest 1000 right now?

  • Stocks & ETFs.
  • Use a Robo-Advisor.
  • Chip Away at High-Interest Debt.
  • Use Real Estate Crowdfunding Sites.
  • Invest in U.S. Treasury Securities.
  • Use a High-Yield Savings Account.
  • Consider Alternative Assets.
  • Invest In New Skills.

It most definitely deserves a spot on this list of top investing podcasts. Unfortunately, lots of intelligent people with great intentions for their finances are led astray by bad or biased investment advice. True to its title, Investing Simplified is a podcast dedicated to educating listeners about the simple truths and basic principles of investing. This hour-long podcast released every Tuesday is hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy, the CEO of his own asset management company, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management. The podcast is specifically geared toward investors who already have a little know how and perhaps some a little skin in the game.

BiggerPockets Real Estate Podcast

This podcast is a good choice for DIY investors who want to keep a firm finger on the market’s pulse, as Morningstar’s expert team offers in-depth insights into specific investments and sectors. The podcast touches on basic market concepts every investor needs to know, such as rebalancing and diversification. It also offers interviews with industry influencers, such as the CEO of Morningstar Kunal Kapoor or Morningstar’s chief U.S. market strategist. Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Poor Dad, sits down with investing, business, and personal development professionals to provide listeners with various perspectives on how to set themselves up for financial success. Recent episodes discuss hot topics like clean energy, cryptocurrency, and gold. He’s the founder of Penn Financial Group, an investment advisory firm for individual and institutional clients.

top stock podcasts

You’ll hear real market wisdom on timely market topics—smart beta, trend following, mixing and matching trading strategies, and more—from some of today’s smartest minds in investing. Author and hedge fund manager Phil Town partners with his daughter Danielle to shine a light on the successful investment strategies that financial legends like Warren Buffet have used. The father-daughter duo provides stock market education and investing tips to listeners interested in learning how to invest on their own. Chris Hill and a panel of Motley Fool investment analysts provide listeners with some insight on the stock market implications of the week’s top business and financial news.

The podcast gives listeners the information normally reserved for the Wall Street trading floor, enabling them to make money-making decisions. Morning Brew CEO Alex Lieberman and his Fidelity guests break down the current financial climate. With every news story, Lieberman emphasizes what it means for listeners as investors, providing them with actionable steps they can take to manage their money. Although podcasts go extinct, this is never relatable to Real Vision. It provides the listeners with real-time information and financial/ investment hacks.

So, rather than hit up every single person on Twitter or Commonstock, I figured I would put together a list of podcasts I think you should listen to if you’re really into investing. Here are my top five investing podcasts for you to start listening to in 2022. This Focused Compounding podcast episode is a conversation with capital investing manager, Jeff Gannon. You will get an expert opinion on stock trading, finance management, and investment strategies throughout this episode. Tegus streamlines the investment research process so you can get up to speed and find answers to critical questions on companies faster and more efficiently. The Tegus platform surfaces the hard-to-get qualitative insights, gives instant access to critical public financial data through BamSEC, and helps you set up customized expert calls.

Fast Money

The show gives you tips and pointers on how to achieve profitable performance. There are definitely some technical aspects to these conversations but overall it’s a great podcast for beginners. Since Chat With Traders brings on guests to tell their full journeys, listeners will usually get a good base on how/where they can start. Some of the stories can also be pretty humbling and motivating to help push you to get started. News anchor Melissa Lee is joined by a roundtable of top traders to bring listeners the actionable news that matters most to investors.

#15 Sound Investing

In this episode, Howard Marks shares his perspective on how the market is volatile, and how to base your investment decisions on the market contrarian attitude. My guest today is Robert Smith, the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Vista Equity Partners. An engineer by training, Robert started Vista at the turn of the millennium and built it into one of the world’s most successful software-focused investment firms.

The author has been an avid podcast listener for over six years now, and he has been a podcaster for about two years. Ultimately, the rankings are based on what he believes add up to a great podcast. You canhear the author’s story hereabout how We Study Billionaires by The Investors Podcast Network truly got him into investing, podcasting, and has been his favorite show since its launch.

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