Top 20 Database Administrator Interview Questions & Answers 2022

The interviewer is testing whether you can prevent data loss. Your familiarity with the roles performed by database administrators is assessed here. Similar to you, before getting a role as a SQL Server DBA, the only database I have really worked with was Access .

Where can I practice SQL questions?

  • SQLZoo. Website. SQLZoo is a popular site for practising SQL.
  • SQL Fiddle. Website. SQL Fiddle is a popular site for quickly generating sample databases and writing SQL code on them.
  • DB-Fiddle. Website.
  • DB<>Fiddle. Website.
  • SQL Bolt. Website.
  • Oracle Live SQL. Website.
  • W3Schools. Website.
  • W3Resource. Website.

You can select unique records from a table by using the DISTINCT keyword. An index refers to a performance tuning method of allowing faster retrieval of records from the table. An index creates an entry for each value and hence it will be faster to retrieve data. The most typical interview question is to find the Nth highest pay in a table. This work can be accomplished using the dense rank() function.

When can records be deleted from a view in SQL Server?

The interviewer wants to know the strategy that you use for troubleshooting database problems. This question tests whether you are familiar with the duties and responsibilities performed by database administrators daily. The interviewer wants to know if you are conversant with different database systems. Other than that, the interview could go anywhere….a DBA can be as focussed or as obtuse as they would like them to be.

Both Char and Varchar2 are used for characters datatype but varchar2 is used for character strings of variable length whereas Char is used for strings of fixed length. For example, char can only store 10 characters and will not be able to store a string of any other length whereas varchar2 can store any length i.e 6,8,2 in this variable.

SQL Server Certification Training

A well-maintained home will be more comfortable and inviting for guests, and they will likely notice its… The interviewer wants to know whether you are familiar with Hadoop. Log shipping is the same as a backup in Microsoft SQL. It uses rapid failover in instances when the main server is not working. The interviewer wants to know whether you are familiar with ODBC interface. Here, the interviewer wants to test your problem-solving skills. Navicat allows me to connect many servers and work quickly and more efficiently.

  • It is often considered as one of the High-Availability options.
  • The un-normalized and de-Normalized database are completely different from each other.
  • Be ready to discuss your experiences supporting operations across departments.
  • To retrieve and go to the next row in the result set, use the FETCH command.

SQL skills aid data analysts in the creation, maintenance, and retrieval of data from relational databases, which divide data into columns and rows. It also enables users to efficiently retrieve, update, manipulate, insert, and alter data. A SELECT command gets zero or more rows from one or more database tables or views. The most frequent data manipulation language command is SELECT in most applications. SELECT queries define a result set, but not how to calculate it, because SQL is a declarative programming language.

Explain Log Shipping in the Microsoft SQL Server.

Dynamic SQL is a set of statements that dynamically constructed at runtime and it will not be stored in a Database and it simply execute during run time. Multiple column sub query which returns multiple columns to the main query. The three types of available recovery models include – Simple Recovery, Sull Recovery, and Bulked Log Recovery. Extents in an SQL server database are the basic unit of measuring space for indexes and tables in the database. To appropriately answer this question, rather than recite the meaning of the acronym, instead, offer both definition and functional value to your answer. To deal with reads and writes from multiple inputs in a database, either a read lock or an exclusive lock has to be applied to a piece of data. A database administrator is responsible for a wide range of tasks of varying complexity having to do with data and data storage.

sql dba interview questions

His diverse background with relevant technologies made him the perfect choice to build out both of these functions. The primary key is a column whose values uniquely identifies every row in a table. When a one table’s primary key field is added to related tables to create the common field which relates the two tables, it called a foreign key in other tables. It provides the functionality of storing and retrieving data to applications. There are several editions of SQL Server serving different audiences. Filtered Index is used to filter some portion of rows in a table to improve query performance, index maintenance and reduces index storage costs.

SQL Functions: How to write a Function in SQL?

The comments are not supported by a Microsoft Access database. As a result, the Microsoft Access database is used in the examples in Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

sql dba interview questions

I know DBA’s who focus purely on one element e.g. performance tuning, whereas others it’s all encompasing, querying, reporting etc. The easiest way to find and change the default fill factor value is from Management Studio, right-click the SQL Server and choose properties.

You can use it, for example, to enforce referential integrity in the database. Suppose you want to delete an author from the ‘authors’ table. You can use triggers to delete all rows in the ‘books’ table which has ‘author_id’ as of the deleted author. It’s one of the three market-leading database technologies, along with Oracle Database and IBM’s DB2. SQL Server Database Administrators, how to become a sql server dba also called Server DBAs, are responsible for the design, maintenance, security, memory, and support of SQL Server Databases. SQL Server DBA interview questions are asked in both fresher and experienced programmers’ SQL interviews. If you’re getting ready for an upcoming SQL interview, going over these SQL Server DBA interview questions and answers can help you ace it.

Note that TEMPDB is also created from the model every time SQL Server starts up. You must also prepare the below questions along with improving your technical skills if you are looking for a job change. Interviewers ask a lot of other non-technical questions to evaluate your qualities like I just mentioned above . Make sure to prepare their answers as well before going into the job market. Besides, I will perform data backup, control access permissions, train users on accessing the database information, and troubleshoot related issues and resolve them quickly. A primary key is a unique value of a table that is used to index that table.

Key Factors — Secure DevOps Practice

A view can have information on one or more tables united, and it is contingent on the association. Denormalization is a method used to contact the information from higher to inferior normal methods of the database.

  • A function in SQL Server is a group of statements that might take input, perform some task and return a result.
  • As a result, bytes’ numeric values are completely dependent on comparison and sorting.
  • There are several editions of SQL Server serving different audiences.
  • When a clustered index is created on a table, the data pages are arranged accordingly based on the clustered index key.
  • This recovery model tells SQL what data should be kept in the transaction log and for what amount of time.

Inside SSMS, in Object explorer under SQL Server Agent look for Job Activity Monitor. The job activity monitor displays the current status of all the jobs on the instance. Choose the particular job which failed, right click and choose view history from the drop down menu. The execution history of the job is displayed and you may choose the execution time . There would information such as the time it took to execute that Job and details about the error occurred.

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